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Asthma Checks And Inhaler Technique


Asthma Checks And Inhaler Technique

A pharmacist is another health expert you can turn to for asthma advice and support and you usually don’t need an appointment. As well as your GP or asthma nurse, your local pharmacist is another highly trained healthcare professional who can answer questions about your asthma. If you have any concerns about your asthma, you can just walk into our pharmacy and ask to see the pharmacist.
This is useful because:
Ask the pharmacist how to get the best from your asthma medicines. You can ask your pharmacist about the asthma medicines you’ve been prescribed. This is useful if you have concerns about things like side effects, using your inhaler, or your inhaler not working properly. You can also ask about any over-the-counter medicines you’re taking to help your asthma, such as anti-histamines for hay fever.